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Won ROI Festival Award! How Baidu Ads Helped OPPO Launch Its New Phone

In October, the 14th ROI Festival ended successfully in Shanghai. As the largest award in Asia and the most influential international award in China, its gold content is self-evident.

This time, Baidu won ten awards with the help of AI, big data, and other technical capabilities, successfully interpreting the great value of Baidu AI technology in brand marketing.

Among these awarded cases, the OPPO Find X3 launch won the Silver Award for Audience Planning and Search Marketing of ROI Festival, fully demonstrating Baidu AI's advertising capability.

Baidu Full-link Marketing

Every spring, major smartphone brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei will launch new products to grab market share. How to do differentiation marketing and stand out from competitors is the key to success.

As one of the most famous brands in China, OPPO launched its high-end and ten-year ideal product — the Find X3 series with terrific photography and video features.

From teasing to launch, OPPO achieved an excellent effect of 200 million+ total exposures and 10 million+ clicks with the help of Baidu Full-link Marketing Solution.

Let's look at how it benefits OPPO.

Massive Exposure

In the warm-up phase of new products, OPPO tailored its Baidu Brand Zone in a more visual and engaging way to attract as many people's attention as possible.

At the same time, invite people to witness its "ten-year ideal product" with an official announcement on other channels.

Advanced Brand Zone

Analysis: In general, brands will conduct multi-channel marketing for new product launches. Most of the users that the brand has successfully reached through multiple channels will return to the search engine to search to learn more. Baidu Brand Zone helps brands to build a special marketing zone that can display detailed marketing information such as new products, special offers and deliver the brand vision.


In the second stage, with the help of Baidu AI identifying the users' concerns, OPPO uses its spokespersons to initiate discussions, leading the topic to fans. At the same time, OPPO makes full use of the Baidu eco-system including Baidu Wenku, Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Map, Baidu News to spread the topic.

Then, OPPO released more details about new products to keep a prevailing trend on the internet.

Analysis: Baidu Ecosystem covers 1 billion Chinese people from all walks of life, which means brands can easily reach more people in order to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to their website. In the early stage of a new product launch, advertising on various Baidu apps is a smart way to improve product visibility.

On the day of the new product launch, OPPO expanded its advertising range to create a highlight moment.

Boost Sales

During the pre-order stage, Baidu targeted the potential audiences with Baidu AI, maximizing advertising effectiveness.

How to target?

Based on big data, Baidu has sorted several audience groups who are most interested and most likely to take action.

  1. People who are interested in OPPO.

  2. People who are interested in other brands

  3. People, aged 25-44, with high consumption capability, are interested in smartphones.

  4. People who are interested in the spokesman.

After the open sale, OPPO timely changed its advertising contents including text, image, and video to emphasize product highlights.

At the same time, Baidu AI intelligently displays different product highlights according to different audiences.

For example, performance-conscious users will view the advertising that emphasizes Find X3's performance, people who prepare to buy new phones will view the advertising that displays special offers like old-for-new and interest-free installments. In this way, these people are more likely to click or even make a purchase.

In addition, Baidu AI will also conduct remarketing based on advertising history to help OPPO continue increasing conversion rates.

Nowadays, it is difficult for a single advertising product to meet the various needs of the brand, so Baidu will make good use of different products to form an effective marketing strategy for brands.

*Source: Baidu Marketing

*Some pictures come from the Internet, please contact to delete them if there is any infringement.

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