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We help you grow your business in China with Baidu Ads

About YunShang Tech & Baidu Ads

Baidu Ads  Reach 1 Billion Chinese Users

About Baidu Ads

About Baidu Ads

Baidu Ads is Baidu's online advertising platform, allowing businesses to display targeted ads to users based on specific keywords or phrases searched on Baidu. Similar to Google Ads, it operates on a pay-per-click model and offers various ad formats for effective audience engagement. Baidu Ads is a valuable tool for businesses to reach the vast Chinese market and boost brand visibility, website traffic, and sales.


China Market Share

1 Billion

Chinese Users on Baidu

6 Billion

Daily Search Requests

YunShang  Baidu Official Marketing Agency

About YunShang

About YunShang Tech

In-house Specialists

Satisfaction Rate

Served International Brands

YunShang Tech is Baidu's official marketing agency in Shenzhen, China. We help international companies succeed in the China market by providing them with all products of Baidu Ads.


Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the Chinese market and can help you create effective Baidu Ads campaigns that reach your target audience.


Our Happy Client

"Compared with traditional marketing, we reached potential users accurately and generated more leads with Baidu Ads."

A financial brand in Hong Kong


Baidu "Forge Ahead Award"

On 2022 Baidu AI Marketing Summit, we won this award and will be dedicated to helping more international companies grow their businesses in China with Baidu Ads.


Baidu "Pioneering Climbing Award"

On 2021 Baidu AI Marketing Summit: AI, we won the ‘Pioneer Climbing Award’ by virtue of high integration with various Baidu Ads products.

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