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Managing Your Baidu Ads in Chinese Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.

Everything on Baidu Ads is only in Chinese, which makes it very hard for you to use.

Why not use our Baidu Ads value-added services designed for international companies?

Setup your account

Baidu's advertising platform is only available in the Chinese language, but don't worry, our bilingual team will help you set up and manage your Baidu Ads account and provide necessary review assistance when it comes to some sensitive businesses such as finance.

Optimize your ads

From Baidu Ads campaign creation to online, we help you find the Chinese keywords related to your business and create localized ad copy to target the right audience for you. Besides, our experience marketer will optimize your campaigns in real-time to maximize the outcome.

Reports & Analytics

Get regular reports for your Baidu Ads campaigns with our one-stop advertising data platform. Our experienced Chinese marketers will help you improve the performance of your campaigns according to the data.

Build Chinese landing page

As Baidu's official agency, we help international companies without Chinese websites build Chinese landing pages in a few days with Baidu Jimuyu, Baidu's landing page builder.

Track campaign performance and see real-time results with our One-stop Data Platform

Baidu Search Ads

Based on the Baidu search engine, show your ads when people search for keywords related to what you offer. Pay only when people interact with your ad such as click.


Multi-Language Support

 Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese



Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Get insights from advertising data to optimize your Baidu Ads in time.


Create Custom Reports

 Build your report by adding dimensions, such as campaigns, or metrics, like clicks and conversions.




YunShang One-stop

Data Platform



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YunShang Baidu Ads

Value-added Services



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Baidu V




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Baidu Ads Account

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Ready to Grow Your Business in China with Baidu Ads?

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