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Maximize Your Baidu Ads Campaign: Advertise & Reporting with Us

Mastering China's unique market with Baidu Ads in Chinese is tough for international companies. Let us handle advertising while you focus on your business.

Set up your account​

Baidu's advertising platform is exclusively in Chinese, but our bilingual team will expertly handle your Baidu Ads account setup, management, and review assistance for sensitive businesses like finance.

Optimize your ads

From Baidu Ads campaign creation to going live, we find Chinese keywords for your business and craft localized ad copies to target the right audience. Our experienced marketers optimize campaigns in real-time for maximum results.

Analysis & Reporting

Access regular reports for your Baidu Ads campaigns on our one-stop advertising data platform. Our experienced Chinese marketers will use this data to enhance your campaign's performance.

Build Chinese landing page

As Baidu's official agency, we assist international companies without Chinese websites to create Chinese landing pages swiftly using Baidu Jimuyu, Baidu's landing page builder.

One-stop Advertising Data Platform


Multi-Language Support

  • Traditional Chinese

  • Simplified Chinese

  • English


Multi-Dimensional Report

Get insights from advertising data to optimize your Baidu Ads in time.


Create Custom Reports

Build your report by adding dimensions, such as campaigns, or metrics, like clicks and conversions.

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