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Why Content Marketing is Effective in China? Learn More about Baidu Content Marketing Solution.

After the 2020s, the marketing goals of many brands have changed. According to the report "China Marketing Trends 2021“, there are increasingly brands that expect to build their brand awareness and trust with users through paid ads.

The reason for this change is that the flood of advertisements and customers' acceptance of ads is gradually declining. Therefore, brands are turning to content marketing to reach their target audiences in a more friendly way.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

The importance of content marketing

These days, with various choices, many customers have no idea about which product they should buy and they often seek purchase advice online from valuable content.

Therefore, content marketing can provide useful advice for customers and affect their purchase decisions to some extent.

The advantage of content marketing

Long-term Effects

Valuable content can constantly gain exposure through organic traffic and influence users for the long-time.

Relate to Customers

High-quality content can relate to customers and encourage them to follow the advice in the content.

Boost Sales

Customers can be easily affected by valuable content and are likely to take action like purchase.

Why choose Baidu to do content marketing?

High Authority

Based on the unique search edge, Baidu owns the world's largest Chinese digital encyclopedia, document library, Q&A platform, and other knowledge platforms, which can help brands build trust in customers.

Rich Content

Based on the Baidu matrix, there are millions of high-quality content distributed to more than 700 million users on Baidu and the total impression reached 16 billion.

Full-link Reach

Baidu owns its unique dual-core content distribution mechanism: 'Search + Feeds'. And pairs with Bai Jiahao, Baidu's content platform, Baidu can achieve full-link reach.

Bai Jiahao creates valuable content and on the one hand, Baidu displays them on Baidu's SERP when users search for relevant keywords; on the other hand, the content will be pushed to users who are likely interested in on Baidu feeds.


Learn more about Baidu Bai Jiahao and other marketing products, contact us and we will find the best products for your business.


How to do content marketing on Baidu?

There are 3 steps to succeed with content marketing on Baidu.

Step 1: Create a Bai Jiahao page

Baijiahao is a content publishing, content marketing, and fan management platform provided by Baidu for content creators.

Baijiahao owns tens of billions of traffic, which means almost everyone, every brand can build their fan base.

In terms of content, brands can create high-quality content through posts, blogs, videos, live streaming, etc. to engage with existing users and attract new users.

In terms of marketing, from interactions such as likes, comments, to registering, purchasing, brands can expect to build a full-funnel marketing strategy on Bai Jiahao.

Step 2: Create engaging content

Valuable and engaging content can not only attract users and achieve conversion in the short term but also build brand image and establish the brand reputation in the long term.

If you are an overseas brand and have no idea how to create engaging content, try Baidu's influencer marketing solution: Du Xingxuan. Invite Chinese influencers to help you create content.

Step 3: Activate and retain users

Users expect to learn more about your brand, your products, services after becoming your followers.

With Baidu knowledge marketing products, brands can constantly influence their audiences and educate them in a friendly way.

Advice about content marketing

For newcomers, we recommend that you can focus on text&image content, update at least 1 time per week, respond to user inquiries in a timely manner, and do at least one marketing campaign per quarter.

For brands that are familiar with Chinese content marketing, we suggest you try video and Q&A content, with at least 2 updates per week and at least one campaign per month.

For brands that are skilled at Chinese content marketing, we recommend that you can focus on video and Q&A content, keep updating daily, and do one campaign per week.

*Source: Baidu Marketing

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