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Use Q&A Marketing to Promote Your Business in China.

When it comes to content marketing, what is the first thing in your mind? Blogs, How-to Guides, Memes, User-generated content, Influencers... Yes, all of them belong to content marketing but do you ever think of the question and answer sites as one of your content marketing channels?

Imagine that you have a question about how to use a product, the first thing you are likely to do is turn to Google to search for the answer you need. For some frequently asked questions, Q&A sites will rank high on the search result page.

Just like you see Q&A sites, your potential customers will see them, too. So here is the chance for you to show your answer to your audience. In your country, Q&A sites like Quora, and Reddit have incredible search real estate while in China, one of the biggest Q&A sites is Baidu Zhidao. So if you plan to do Q&A marketing in China, Baidu Zhidao is your first choice.

The benefits of using Baidu Zhidao to promote your business

Expand your reach

As one of the Baidu Ecosystem, the first benefit is that Baidu Zhidao has its search edge on Baidu search. The featured answer will automatically rank high on Baidu's SERP. This is a good chance for you to reach more audiences. People who like your answer will click through and enter your official site.

Build brand trust

Answering questions about your products in an official capacity can greatly increase people's trust in your brand. People tend to be influenced by official content compared to other ordinary people. If you can provide a detailed official answer about your product, this answer can create a great impression on not only the user who raises this question but also other thousands of people who browsed this answer on Baidu.

Influence customer decisions

It is true that most customers prefer to do research before buying products and more importantly Baidu is the final flux of traffic from many other platforms, which means people are likely to search for more information like reviews or comments on Baidu after having buying desire from other platforms. Once they see your answer during their search, your answer probably can influence their purchase decision.

Promote your business on Baidu Zhidao

There are 400 million daily views on Baidu Zhidao and 60% of answers will show on the first search result page. Now Baidu provides Zhidao marketing resources for brands.

With this resource, brands' answers will rank higher than organic search results with a special style to drive more traffic. It also allows brands to post their links in more ways like images, banners even videos instead of just text.

Are you ready to get more customers with Q&A marketing? Contact us to start.

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