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How to Start Baidu Baike Marketing to Make Your Brand Visible in China for Free

As we said before, Baidu Baike can be a powerful marketing tool for you to do branding in China if you have done it correctly. According to Baidu's official data, there are more than 25 million articles (词条 in Chinese) on Baike with 450 million daily page views. And Baike dominates 95% market share in China. Now, most of the Chinese find information on Baike, and in other words, they regard Baidu Baike as a reliable source of information.

How to Create a Baike Page

The first step to start Baike marketing is to create a Baike page for your brand or products. A Baike page will show up high on the search results page and usually, it will rank top 3 on Baidu's SERP. The process of creating a Baike page is simple but be sure to prepare necessary documents ahead to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Step 1: Create a Baidu Account

Before creating a Baike page, you need to sign in on Baidu with a Baidu account. Like Google account, this allows you access to most of Baidu products including Baidu Baike.

Step 2: Create a Baike Page

If you plan to create a Baike page for your business, please prepare relevant documents that can prove your business is real and legal in China. Make sure the name of the article on the Baike page is in line with your brand keyword otherwise people will get confused. Baidu Baike allows you to upload brand logos and product images to make your Baike page more reliable and engaging so it would be better to upload everything that can highlight your brand. Telling people your brand story on Baike is also a good idea.

Step 3: Wait for the official review of Baidu

After finishing your Baike page, the last thing is to wait for Baidu's review for it. Although there is a strict review criterion on Baike, it is more likely to be approved by Baidu if you pay attention to the following matters:

a. Reference is important

References can determine whether your page will be approved or not. Baidu requires that Baike pages involving businesses, brands, products, etc. must have the appropriate references. The references must be authoritative and credible and they can be from authoritative sources including but not limited to: professional websites, significant media like Baidu, Sina, Sohu..., official websites, authoritative institutions... Please note that personal blogs can not be the reference on your Baike page.

b. Be objective

Anything on the Baike page should be objective. Content such as product descriptions should not be exaggerated and promotional. Literally, Baidu only allows you to publish content that takes complete neutrality.

c. Avoid unnecessary mistakes

Considering that the audience of Baidu Baike is Chinese users, please ensure that all content on your Baike pages is written in authentic Chinese. Hiring a Chinese expert or just contact us to help you create a Baidu Baike page.

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