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How to Promote Your Products in China? Use Baidu Merchant Center to Create Dynamic Product Ads

There are numerous platforms available nowadays for e-commerce business owners to promote their products. And one of the most effective channels for e-commerce business owners in China is Baidu.

In the customer buyer journey, Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, plays an important role in its consideration stage. It is true that most people tend to search for more information before purchasing because they do not want to do rash decisions when it comes to spending money on something.

For better product promotion, Baidu builds a merchant center. Similar to Google Merchant Center, Baidu Merchant Center can let brands manage how their in-store and online product inventory appears on Baidu.

With Baidu Dynamic Product Ads and Aladdin Ads, designed for product promotion advertising, brands can reach hundreds of millions of customers looking to buy products each day.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads will display on Baidu search and feeds.

Dynamic Product Ads in Search

Baidu will show your products to users who are most likely to buy through search intent and keywords.

More traffic and more precise

There are two ways to trigger dynamic product ads in search. One is product targeting and the other is keyword targeting.

Product targeting will include traffic from all long-tail keywords while keywords targeting can drive more precise traffic to increase CTR.

More engaging styles

Dynamic Product Ads in search has two major styles including image and video,

Image Style

Video Style

And more than 40 different specific styles for various industries including travel, automobile, real estate, B2B, e-commerce, finance.

More sales

Baidu provides the dynamic landing page to show the most relevant products first after clicking ads. In other words, if users see H product on your ads first, then users will see H product firstly on the landing page.

The Dynamic landing page can retain more users to explore more about your products. According to Baidu's official data, the CVR of the dynamic landing page increased by 45%, and the cost decreased by 30%.

If you want to promote your products in China, contact us to get started.

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