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Baidu Advertising & Marketing Services

Reach Chinese customers with BaiduSEM - China's #1 search engine marketing. Leveraging Baidu marketing solutions to grow your business in China.


Baidu Search Engine Marketing - the "Chinese Google Ads"

Opportunities are all in the search engine, but do you know that Google doesn't work in China? For Chinese people, Baidu is the search engine they use every day. Turn to Baidu search marketing, showing your brand and products when the Chinese search for keywords related to your business.


Achieve Your China Marketing Goals with Baidu Ads

Baidu provides a variety of advertising solutions to help you reach Chinese customers and achieve your marketing goals. Whether it's app promotion, sales growth, or lead generation, you can customize your Baidu search ads according to your marketing needs and adjust your Baidu keywords to target the right people in China.


Generate Leads


Promote Products


Promote Apps

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Search Ads

Baidu Keyword Search Ads

China SEM, appear on the Baidu search engine result page.

Show up when people search for keywords related to what you offer. Pay for clicks.


Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Zone Ads

Baidu Brand Zone is an advanced search ad that allows brands to use text, images, and videos to show brand information vividly at the top of Baidu's SERPs.​


Display Ads

Baidu Feed Ads

Baidu display ads, appears when people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services while they are browsing feeds on Baidu.

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Baidu Ads

Baidu Ads

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Lancôme - Baidu Startup Ads

Lancôme uses Baidu Startup Ads (App Open Ads) to reach its target audience in China.

Startup Ads allow Lancôme to create a full-screen video ad when people open Baidu apps.

Video ads can engage with customers better than images or texts.


CTR: 10%+


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