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Advertising on

「China's Instagram」


Xiaohongshu is recognized as one of China's most influential lifestyle platforms and a pivotal consumer decision-making portal. And thanks to a vast network of influencers and user-generated content, Xiaohongshu is unparalleled in influencing consumer choices, making it a prime entry point for brands targeting China and the global Chinese diaspora.

260 Million

Monthly Active Users

30 Billion

Daily Posts Exposures



Young Users

Female Users



Consumer Willingness

Preference for higher-priced products

Enhancing Brand Visibility and Conversion Through
Quality Content & Targeted Traffic


Content Generated by Brand/Influencer/User 


Xiaohongshu Advertising & Analytics


Business Account & Branded Hashtag

Xiaohongshu Ads Products


Feed Ads

Precision-targeted ads that weave into Xiaohongshu's discovery page feed


Search Ads

Keyword-triggered ads placed prominently in Xiaohongshu's search results page


Brand Zone

Dominating the top of Xiaohongshu's SERP, the area has varied styles for brand exposure


Splash Ads

Promote your brand on the app launch screen in a full-screen image/video ad 

To Elevate Your Presence on Xiaohongshu

We Offer End-to-end Solutions

Brand Evaluation & Content Strategy

We analyze industry trends, audience behavior, and content preferences, merging them with your brand position and Xiaohongshu insights to create tailored content strategies.

Content Creation & Management

We tailor content to Xiaohongshu trends, ensuring on-brand posts that align with marketing goals. With optimized titles, content, and hashtags using Xiaohongshu's algorithms, we maximize reach and avoid account issues.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Tailored influencer marketing campaigns targeting various product/service sectors to streamline your marketing journey and minimize costs

Create & Verify the Business Account

We create & verify your brand's Xiaohongshu business account for content management and advertising, boosting verification success chances.

Xiaohongshu Community Management

From page enhancements to store ties, we craft a premium brand image. Interact with your audience through comments and automated responses in private messages for a solid brand-user connection.

Efficient Advertising Strategy

Customized Xiaohongshu ad strategies including feed ads, search ads, brand zones, and splash ads, all curated to maximize brand exposure and attract potential clients

Successful Cases on Xiaohongshu

For popular products, Swarovski partnered with KOLs to enhance its reputation and brand identity. Using a mix of feed and search ads, the brand image was strengthened.

With new products, Swarovski highlighted quality posts and utilized prime ad placements like splash screens on Xiaohongshu. This dual approach expanded exposure and engagement effectively.

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