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Make your brand matter in China

With Baidu Ads, find your Chinese audience, advertise your services/products to them, achieve your marketing goals.

Landing Page

Baidu Ads Agency Services

Baidu Certification

We are a certified advertising agency of Baidu, providing China marketing plans for overseas brands..

Chinese Landing Page Build

We help overseas brands build professional Chinese landing pages for better marketing campaigns.

Personalized Marketing Plan

Our in-house marketing specialist will tailor your marketing plan based on your marketing needs.

Data Analysis

Our ad optimizers track your ads data and offer weekly data reports to analyze your ads performance.

Baidu Ads Optimization

We provide professional advice on all products of Baidu Ads and help you improve ads performance.

Bilingual Support

Our bilingual team provides 1 to 1 customer services and helps you solve any problem about Baidu Ads.

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2022 New Year Offer

Start to advertise in China with Baidu Ads today and get your exclusive new year offer!


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