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Why Baidu is the Best Platform for Brand Marketing in the 2020s?

After entering the second decade of the 21st century, brands are facing new challenges in marketing such as the demographic dividend peaked, user growth slowed down, the popularity of fragmented reading…

Then how to do brand marketing in this new era? Gaining the trust of customers plays a vital role in it.

In the past, customers used to make purchase decisions according to their specific needs. For instance, when summer comes, people tended to directly buy T-shirts without thinking of brands. There was only one factor in the purchases decision process and that is products.

Nowadays, however, customers prefer to make purchase decisions according to brand awareness. For example, when it comes to certain products such as smartphones, the first thing people think of is the brand of the smartphone. In other words, they subconsciously narrowed their choices to a specific brand and then buy what they need. The purchase decision process is from brands to products.

As we said before, famous brands have already occupied most of the market share after decades of development, which means it is hard to gain the trust of customers for other brands by themselves. Therefore, other brands need a good platform to promote themselves.

A good platform can help brands get more attention and win more trust while Baidu is the best choice among many platforms.

As early as 2018, the daily searches on Baidu surpass 6 billion and now there are more than 700 million users on Baidu App. During the COVID-19 epidemic, more than 1 billion users learn the latest news on Baidu per day. At the same time, Baidu, as China’s largest search engine, has already gained the trust of millions of Chinese users.

Therefore, advertising on Baidu can help brands impress the public.

Baidu built its own ecosystem that provides all-around information support for user decision-making.

Baidu ecosystem includes:

● One-stop search&feeds platform

● One-stop Interactive&entertainment platform

● One-stop knowledge platform


One-stop search&feeds platform meets the needs of users for active search and passive acquisition of information.

6B + Searches | 15B + Feeds | 100M + | Impressions


There are Baidu Celebrity Topic, Search Trend and short video interactions on the one-stop Interactive&entertainment platform such as Baidu Haokan Video App with 110 million daily active users.


One-stop knowledge platform including Baidu multiple products like Baidu Baike, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Zhidao, and Baidu Scholar with millions of contents that meet users’ knowledge needs.

With the development of AI and the accumulation of massive data, Baidu can help brands achieve dynamic advertising content and accurately reach potential audiences.

● Find potential audiences

With Baidu big data, Baidu AI can achieve analyzing in real-time according to multi-dimensional behaviors based on users

Interact with potential audiences

Through AR, VR, and other voice and visual technologies, brands can create innovative ads to attract users.

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