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How to Make Your Baidu Ads Different? This is the Biggest Difference from Google Ads.

Ad copy plays a very important role in the marketing funnel of search ads. Getting users to see ad copies that match their search intent can maximize your ad performance.

Therefore, different brands need different copies to stand out from their competitors. In general, on Google search ads, brands can only differentiate themselves from others by improving their ad copies.

However, brands can make a difference not only in their ads copies but also in ads formats on Baidu search ads.

Advanced Formats - Baidu Search Ads

With different ads formats, brands can create a unique search ad to meet their unique marketing goals.

For instance, e-commerce brands can directly show their products' images/videos on search ads to attract more users. E-learning brands can display multi-links to multiple courses directly on their ads.

Actually, advanced formats pair with various extensions that allow brands to create distinctive search ads based on their needs.

There are basically 8 extensions on advanced formats including image extension, side-link extension, video extension, lead generation extension, app downloads extension, text extension, and other extensions.

By combining and matching these extensions in different combinations, Baidu introduces 5 major advanced styles:

a. Shop window style

Suitable industries: e-commerce, hotel, travel, automobile, and games.

b. Full-structured snippets style

Suitable industries: all industries

c. Site-navigator style

Suitable industries: all industries

d. List style

Suitable industries: all industries

e. Image-text style

Suitable industries: e-commerce and others that plan to launch marketing campaigns.


According to the customer purchase journey, brands can create different search ads with advanced styles.

In the awareness stage, image-text style and site-navigator style are the best choices for brands to attract new users.

With image-text style, brands can show engaging banners to catch people's attention; while with site-navigators style, brands enable users to know exactly what services they offer at the first glance of ads.

In the consideration stage, the list style is suitable for brands to encourage them to take action.

List style can clearly display the details of the product/booking/service, such as price, period, etc. which are the information that users in the consideration stage urgently want to know.

In the decision stage, the full-structured snippets style can highlight features of products/services which can help brands stand out from their competitors.

For e-commerce brands, the shop window style is always the smartest choice at any stage of the customer journey.


Contact us and we will help you find the best advanced format suited to your business.

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