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Get Started on Baidu Ads to Reach Chinese Users Online in 2022

There are a lot of advertising platforms for international companies to grow their online businesses in China such as WeChat and Douyin, but none of them can match the reach of Baidu.

If you used to advertise on Google in your country, you might realize that search engines have unique edges over other platforms, that is it's suitable for businesses of all sizes to achieve nearly all marketing goals from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

Since Google is not available in China now, you should always start with Baidu Advertising when you're looking to advertise in China.

01 Take a look at Baidu

As the leading search engine in China, Baidu shares a lot of similarities with Google.

Both of them dominate their markets

In 2022, Google holds 91.9 percent of the market share globally while in China, more than 80% of searches are done on Baidu.

Searches are numerous on them

Google processes 8.5 billion searches per day compared to Baidu's 6 billion.

Almost half of the product searches happen on both search engines

When it comes to product searches, there are 46% on Google and 42% on Baidu in their respective markets.

02 Uniques about China search market

With the rapid development of mobile Internet in China, the focus of China's digital ecosystem has shifted from browsers on desktops to apps on mobile phones.

Different from your country, Chinese users prefer to shift apps from one another to browse news, watch videos, and make a purchase.

For instance, when users browse news on Baidu App, we call it the "information scene". Similarly, when users use Maps for navigation, this is the "traveling scene".

To reach your target audience in China, you must find out which scenes your audience is in.

03 Baidu Mobile Ecosystem

In recent years, Baidu has actively deployed its mobile ecosystem to achieve full coverage of user scenes.

Baidu now has dozens of mainstream apps, covering users' shopping, entertainment, knowledge, and many other scenes and the total number of Baidu mobile users exceeds 1 billion.

With so many users on Baidu, how do you accurately target your audience?

Besides being the largest search engine in China, another fact about Baidu is that Baidu is also a leading AI company in the world.

Baidu provides several useful tools which can be used for a variety of functions with its advanced AI tech.

For example, Baidu Guanxingpan provides resources for brand & audience insight, audience segments, and funnel analysis. Baidu Index enables you to choose effective keywords and have a better understanding of your target audience.

04 All-in-one advertising service

Like Google, Baidu also provides advertising services similar to Google Ads - Baidu Ads.

Baidu Ads not only has diverse advertising products, but also a variety of marketing tools to help you build a closed-loop marketing strategy.

Advertising products

There are Baidu search ads, feed ads, brand zone ads, and startup ads that you can use to promote your products and services within Baidu traffic.

And Baidu Baiqingteng, similar to the Google display network, enables you to reach people who use other Chinese popular apps besides Baidu.

Marketing tools

Baidu Jimuyu, a Chinese landing page builder, helps you create landing pages for Baidu Ads campaigns with simple drop&drag without coding.

Baidu Duxingxuan, an influencer marketing platform, helps you find suitable Chinese influencers.

Baidu Baijiahao Business, a content marketing tool, enables you to delight and attract Chinese users by providing useful and relevant information.

With these Baidu products and tools, you can expect to be successful in China market. However, these resources are only available in Chinese, so hire a marketing agency with the experience like ours to help you get started.

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