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Drive More Conversions! Baidu Remarketing Strategy - Brand Always.

In digital marketing, remarketing or retargeting is an important part of the brand conversion. Remarketing can facilitate the transition to the next step of the conversion funnel. For instance, if a user has left your landing page, the remarketing ad can be shown to them immediately, leading the user back to your landing page where they can be incentivized to move to the next stage of the funnel—making purchases.

In Baidu Ads, this kind of remarketing ad is called Brand Always. You can simply understand it as ‘Always show your brand’. The mechanism of Brand Always is simple. Baidu uses its Feed Ads or Startup Ads to retarget users who have clicked Search Ads entering your landing page or even just see search ads but did not do further actions.

For instance, a user searched for "gucci" on Baidu and saw the search ads of Gucci but did not click. Then the user would see the feed ads of Gucci after browsing Baidu feeds, which can not only deepen the user's impression of the brand but also encourage users to interact with brands and bring more conversion for brands.

The unique advantages of the Baidu Brand Always include real-time tracking, data connection, and AI-driven. Real-time tracking can show remarketing ads immediately after users saw/clicked search ads. Data connection means Baidu Ads can be accessed to search data and feed data to improve the accuracy of advertising reach rate. With the help of Baidu AI, Baidu will optimize its remarketing strategy based on users' behaviors and brands' advertising history..


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