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Case Study | How F&B brands build brand awareness in China with WeChat and Baidu Ads.

The number of netizens in China has reached 1.32 billion by 2021 according to CNNIC. Such a large Chinese market has attracted many international businesses including one of our food brands.

However, it is not an easy thing to promote the brand in China because the Chinese customer journey is different from people living in many western countries.

Chinese people are used to beginning their brand or product research by using a search engine.

While as the equivalent of Google in China, Baidu is their first choice and is the bedrock of any marketing campaign in China for businesses as well. It is estimated that 70% of online research is carried out through Baidu.

Then how does this food brand promote its brand with Baidu Ads?

Marketing Background&Objective

The brand has no plan to sell products in China so its marketing objective is just to build its brand awareness to reach a wide Chinese audience.

Therefore, building a Chinese website for brand promotion purposes is a thankless thing for international brands with low visibility in China like them.

What they did is to set up an official account on WeChat, one of the biggest social media platforms in China, to place their promotional content.

Marketing Strategy

However, WeChat, as a content-driven platform, has limited promotion methods. It needs a long-term content operation to build brand awareness.

To effectively promote its brand in China, this food brand chooses Baidu Brand Zone, one of the best advertising products to drive traffic to its WeChat account.

1. Brand Zone

Baidu Search, as the final flux of most traffic from other Chinese platforms, is the platform that almost every brand cannot ignore.

Brands can show their brand information in text, image, and video ways on Baidu's SERP.

In the era of the short video, this food brand chooses to use its 30-second short video on Brand Zone for its brand promotion.

Compared to text and image, video can grab people's attention at first sight and engage with customers better to increase clicks.

More importantly, this short video maximized its brand tonality and product features. And with multiple tailor-made CTA buttons, this brand drove more traffic.

2. Landing Page based on Baidu Jimuyu

Since this brand did not have an official website, they chose Baidu Jimuyu to build its landing page for this campaign.

Jimuyu is a Chinese website building tool of Baidu, which can help international businesses to start marketing campaigns without ICP filing.

Keywoodfish is the official Chinese website building tool of Baidu, which can help overseas brands to promote in China without ICP filing.

This brand's landing page is well-designed by adding a video that is the same as its advertising video to the banner section, which keeps the relevance of its advertising on the landing page. Relevance can minimize user churn.

Besides, there is an always show bar at the bottom of its landing page. This can be convenient for users to click on and is also a key step to bringing users from Baidu to its WeChat account.

3. WeChat Plugin on Jimuyu

The WeChat plugin is one of the many plugins on Baidu Jimuyu. This plugin helps brands convert traffic from Baidu to the WeChat platform.

There is an automation feature in the WeChat plugin. It will automatically copy the name of the WeChat official account after users click through it and direct users to WeChat App automatically to search its name and finally follow its official account. This automation can greatly shorten the user journey and increase the conversion rate.

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