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Baidu AI Marketing Strategy Introduction — Reach Audience

These days, with the popularity of short videos and the abundance of content, people's browsing behaviors are becoming more and more frequent. Compared with the past when people used to search more than browse, users' browsing for content has become too much to ignore.

People who browse have only general ideas. They have more time and patience compared to searching. When they browse content on feeds, they have no clear purpose and they are easily inspired by what they are interested in.

However, people who search have obvious intent to find a result. In other words, they tend to catch something exactly or fairly well-defined. The faster and easier the better. When they go to search for a specific product like a laptop, they just need user reviews to make their purchase decision.

In a word, search behavior reflects the user's intent while browse behavior reflects the user's interests.

The new trend of user behaviors

It seems like search and browsing are different activities but in fact, they are complementary.

The trend now is to search while browsing. The search intent can be activated by the content being browsed; and the relevant results that appear while searching can, in turn, attract people to browse again. In some aspects, we can think of search results as part of the content, and therefore, content is the foundation of everything.

Baidu launched its unique advertising mechanism called "Search + Feeds" based on this trend. This mechanism is applied in Baidu's 4-step marketing strategy to help brands reach their target audience.

Search + Feeds

Accurate customer reach

Based on the rich content, Baidu meets the huge search demand of users on the one hand and uses the real intention of users behind the search behavior to continuously improve the accuracy of content reach on the feeds platform on the other hand.

At the same time, Baidu also uses the interests reflected by users' browsing feeds for a more accurate understanding of users.

Now there are 6 billion daily searches and 15 billion feeds per day on Baidu. As the data from search and feeds continues to grow, it will be more accurate for user reach.

Influence buyer's journey

For businesses marketing on Baidu, the "Search + Feeds" mechanism can help them accurately reach their audience and influence users' purchase decisions.

During the 3 steps in the buyer's journey, interest is in the awareness stage while the intent is in the consideration stage.

With the "Search + Feeds" mechanism, Baidu will show users content that they are likely interested in on Baidu feeds according to their previous search history to inspire their intent. Once they have intent, they will go back to search to do research for their decision.

* Source: Baidu Marketing

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