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Marketing in China online with Baidu Advertising

Create your Chinese advertisement with Baidu Ads, China's largest search engine marketing platform.
Get started with us, the experienced Baidu agency only serving companies who want to advertise in China.

With Baidu SEM, reach 1 billion Chinese users

Baidu is the largest search engine in China across desktop and mobile with more than 80% market share. About 1 billion Chinese users use Baidu to search. Advertising on Baidu is the best choice for international companies like yours to start online advertising and marketing in China.


China Market Share

1 Billion

Total Chinese Users

6 Billion

Daily Search Requests

Marketing to China with the right Baidu agency

As a china marketing company certified by Baidu, we help you start digital marketing in Chinese with Baidu online advertising service - Baidu Ads, the biggest China PPC/SEM platform.

Baidu Ads Optimization

Our in-house Baidu marketing specialists will optimize your ads in real-time

Baidu Ads

Account Creation

We provide Baidu Ads account guide, management, and review assistant services

Baidu Ads Reporting

Our team provides visualized reports of your Baidu Ads campaigns regularly

Chinese Landing Page Building

Get a Chinese landing page / website for your Baidu Ads without ICP license

Get results with the right types of Baidu Ads

In addition to search marketing, you can grow your business in China with more types of Baidu Ads. 


Search Ads

Baidu Search Campaigns

Shows up when people search for your product or service


Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Campaigns

Advanced search ads covering a huge space at the top of Baidu's SERP


Feed Ads

Baidu In-Feed Campaigns

Chinese native ads displayed between Baidu in-feeds

Contact us to start advertising on Baidu

Marketing to China can be very easy with our Baidu advertising services. We help you create Chinese advertisements on Baidu to promote your business online and make your brand matter in China.

Baidu Ads Partner

Certified Specialists

1-to-1 customer service

500+ Clients

They all get growth in China with us

The brands who trust us successfully market to China by leveraging Baidu advertising with our help.


Let's Get Started

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Contact Us

YunShang Tech
Baidu Official Agency







Tel:(+86) 755 8696 7625​
Address:Room 801, Building 1, Excellence Century Center, Caitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China


Gambling, pornography, VPN, NFT, and other businesses are not allowed to advertise on Baidu.

Financial licenses are required if the business is involved in foreign exchange and loans.  

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  • Why do you need an agency like us to advertise on Baidu?
    1. International businesses can only open Baidu Ads accounts with the help of agencies authorized by Baidu according to Baidu's rule. 2. Baidu Ads only supports Simplified Chinese, and there are strict reviews in China when it comes to advertising. A local agency like us can help a lot and save a lot compared with hiring Chinese marketers by yourself. 3. China's digital marketplace is unique and different from other countries, which requires localized marketing strategies (eg. Google doesn’t work in China). Our in-house professional marketing experts can help you quickly promote your business with Baidu Ads in China.
  • What is the Baidu Ads account opening process? And how about the cost?
    Generally, Baidu Ads account opening needs to go through the following processes*: 1. business evaluation 2. qualification review 3. contract signing 4. payment recharge 5. account activation (*The specific process will vary slightly according to your business) According to Baidu's regulations, international businesses need to pay an annual certification fee of 600 yuan and an annual account fee of 1,500 yuan to open a Baidu Ads account. In addition, if you choose our value-added advertising services (including localization for ad copy & keyword, ad optimization, data tracking and analysis, etc.) and one-stop data platform, there will be extra charge but it's optional.
  • What kind of businesses are not allowed by Baidu?
    Businesses cannot be promoted on Baidu including but not limited to: uncertified medical services, uncertified drugs, gambling, VPN, pornographic violence, Internet violations, etc. Besides, businesses such as loans and foreign exchange require relevant financial licenses and are limited to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. If you are not sure whether your business belongs to Baidu's prohibited business, please contact us for business evaluation.
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