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Make Your Brand Matter in China with Baidu Ads

With Baidu Search Ad, Feed Ad, and other marketing products, advertise your services/products to 1 billion Chinese users. Reach your potential audience among them and achieve your marketing objectives.

Get the Best Result for Your Business

Drive Website Traffic

 Show your website to more people with online ads and direct them to your website.

Generate leads

Encourage users to submit their information on Baidu Ads. 

Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Zone on Baidu's SERP to establish brand awareness in China.

Boost Sales

Baidu is the final flux of all traffic from other e-commerce platforms.

About Baidu Ads

Baidu Ads is an online advertising solution powered by Baidu AI that helps you promote your products and services in front of 1 billion Chinese customers. As Baidu's official agency, we will help you set up Baidu Ads accounts, create Chinese adverts to reach your target audience. You can customize your budgets, start or stop your Baidu ads at any time.

Baidu Ads Products

Search Ads

Chinese Search Engine Marketing - Baidu PPC.


Brand Zone

Advanced search ads at the top of the search results.

Feed Ads

Native ads among Baidu Feeds. Similar with Google Feed Ads. 

Startup Ads

A full-screen video ad, which appears after the app launches.


YunShang Tech
Baidu Official Agency

YunShang Tech is Baidu’s official agency in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and other regions. We provide all Baidu Ads solutions to advertisers in these markets and help them successfully explore the Chinese market.


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YunShang Tech

Baidu Official Agency

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