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قم بتنمية أعمالك في الصين مع Baidu Ads

ابدأ حملتك التسويقية على Baidu للوصول إلى العملاء الصينيين عبر الإنترنت.

China #1 search engine - Baidu

Be seen where 1 billion Chinese users are searching and browsing with Baidu Ads. Find the right audience for your business in China with ads across Baidu.


Get started on Baidu with us

YunShang Tech is Baidu's official agency and Baidu Ads partner. Contact us to explore China market and get in front of Chinese customers when they’re searching on Baidu. 

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العلامات التجارية

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تمنحك Baidu Ads العديد من الطرق لتظهر لك


Search Ads

Baidu Search Campaigns

Drive sales, leads, or site traffic by getting your business in front of people who are searching Baidu for products or services you offer.


Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Campaigns

Build brand awareness with visually engaging ads that reach your Chinese audience when they see your ads ranking #1 on Baidu's SERPs.


Feed Ads

Baidu In-Feed Campaigns

Reach people who are likely interested in your business to drive more sales, leads or traffic when they're browsing Baidu feeds.

نحن نساعدك على تحقيق الأهداف على بايدو

إعلانات بايدو

اعدادات الحساب

إعلانات بايدو


إعلانات بايدو


بناء الصفحة المقصودة الصينية

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